What is this?

The New Forker maps the restaurants reviewed in The New Yorker’s Tables for Two column since 2005.

Why are some pins green and some red?

Green pins are restaurants that are still open. Red pins are restaurants that have closed. RIP.

Something on the map is incorrect and it’s bugging me. Will you please fix it?

Of course! Email me at hello@newforkermap.com and I’ll take care of it.

Why did you make this?

The reviews in the Tables for Two columns aren't really reviews. They're colorful and usually complimentary profiles of some of New York’s most interesting eateries, and they often leave me wanting to experience the places for myself. Having them mapped out and pre-Yelped makes that easier.

Is this project affiliated with or endorsed by The New Yorker, Condé Nast, Advance Publications, David Remnick, or Eustace Tilley?

Nope. But I hope they like it.

Have you made other projects related to restaurants or The New Yorker?

Yes and yes! Check out Rezhound and Dots and Murmurs.